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Stop Hating Your Workouts

Work hard by Playing Hard! 

Girl I know: working out is the worst. It's hot, it's hard, it's sweaty, it's boring, and it takes forever to work. Overall... it kinda SUCKS! 

There's a way to skip to the good part! To get some great energy! To stay engaged and motivated! To see RESULTS! 

These workouts are carefully designed to help you get the results you want ENJOYABLY, all with a flavour of the Caribbean (and Brazil!) for a little extra 'hot sauce' and excitement.  You'll leave feeling happy, invigorated and u n s t o p p a b l e!

Your workout can be - no, should be a joy! 

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So glad I joined - you are a great instructor - kind, knowledgeable and oh so much fun. I feel like I’m getting stronger and losing some weight in my hips.  Socacize really pushes me hard but I keep coming back - my husband can hear me screaming in the living room - always tells me to keep going - not painful screams - just grunts of enthusiasm. You really push me to want to do my best and get the most out of class.

Alicia W.

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